Saturday, 20 July 2013

Decreasing search popularity for Linux vs Windows

I was exploring some search terms on Google trends to see what is really happening in the world, because the news websites seem to be all advertisements. So I compared some common terms such as Windows, Java and C++ for example. As it turns out, Java is more than double everybody else in the programming department. Then I added Linux, which started out in 2005 with more searches than Java, but has since then till 2013 dropped off by a huge percentage and seems to be fading into obscurity, in direct contradiction to what you would think. But then I added in windows for comparison and the result was as expected, Windows is searched for more than all the other big keywords, and keywords like OsX an iOs will not even register on this graph.

Windows is much more popular than Linux and Osx and all the big programming languages
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If you look at the picture you will see the purple line on the top is Windows, showing how much interest there actually is in the operating system. The green line is Linux and you can clearly see that Linux as a word seems to be around a lot less, which is surprising.

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