Thursday, 11 July 2013

Installing Wine On FatDog64 621

Wine is a program that you can install into FatDog64 that will allow you to run Windows programs, for example Macaw or Macwaves.

Before you begin, make sure you have installed FatDog64 Linux and also that your savefile is created. Loading sfs files is easiest when you have already created your savefile. The savefile is a file on the disk that FatDog64 uses to store all the local settings(such as mapped sfs files for example) .

Installing Wine in FatDog64 is very simple. You need to follow these steps.

1) Download the Wine sfs file for FatDog64 from here(about 30Mb) (Click here to view all the sfs files available)

2) If you do not have it already then you also need to 32 bit compatibility layer so that Wine will execute it. Get the compatibility layer from here(30Mb).

2) Place the sfs file in the root of the drive where you have the FatDog64 folder. In my case that is f:\fatdog64_621 from a windows view, and /dev/sda5/fatdog64_621 from linux.

3) If you are in Windows, then reboot and boot into FatDog64.

4) Tell FatDog64 to load the sfs file when it boots up, then reboot FatDog64. Do this by opening the FatDog64 System Sfs Loader, which is in Start Menu/Control Panel/System/System Sfs Loader. If you downloaded the 32 bit compatibility layer then you must add that into the Sfs loading as well so that Wine will execute properly.

If by default your System Sfs Loader wants to load files from root home but that points nowhere then you might need to mount your hard disk and browse to the place where you put the sfs files. I put them in the root of the partition where I installed the fatdog64 files, in my case F:\ but on Linux it is known as /dev/sda5 on my machine.
FatDog64 Linux with the control panel and the System Sfs loader panels opened. Click the image to enlarge.

FatDog64 Linux running a Windows application called Macaw in Wine. Also there is a console open running Gcc but that is not in Wine, but does show also that Gcc can be loaded into FatDog using sfs files.

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